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3 Ways A Physician Scheduling Solution Can Benefit The IT Department

Posted by Intrigma on 1/23/17 11:00 AM


You and your clinicians probably groan aloud at the thought of implementing another software product.

However, they probably have the same reaction to their shift schedule each month, and you have to admit that the constant complaints to your department about the current scheduling software are tiring.

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Why A Physician Scheduling Solution Is A Worthy Health IT Investment

Posted by Intrigma on 1/12/17 11:05 AM


A recent survey by CIT Group found that 70% of healthcare executives have plans to invest more in technology systems this year.

Electronic health records (EHRs) and appointment scheduling software are often discussed, but there is one area of health technology that we’d venture to say isn’t mentioned as often as it should be.

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Topics: Health IT, scheduling solution benefits